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Hello from New Zealand

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My name is Bob, I'm 62 and suddenly one day thought I need something new to play with, ah Arduino!

I live in the South Island and we have just entered winter.

I have only tried a few beginners lessons so far, but would like to build a time lapse stop/go slider and a remote weather station and Raspberry pie is looking interesting too (Thanks DRONEBOT workshop putting lots of stuff in front of me...

DroneBot Workshop
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Hi Bob

I spent 7 weeks in your incredible country in 1986-87 (went December to February) and will never forget it. I honestly think New Zealand is the nicest place I have ever been and considering that I lived in Hawaii for 9 years that says a lot!

Wasn't able to get to the South Island though as getting a ferry ticket around New Years proved to be impossible then. Just drove a tiny rental car around the North Island and loved it.

If I ever get rich I plan to retire in Wellington. Of course, I have no intention of retiring until I am at least 95!

Welcome to the forum, I think we'll be able to help you with some of those projects.




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