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Hello from Larry in Alaska

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Hello everyone....glad to be in this forum.  I am a "soon to be retired" teacher and have used a lot of Bill's materials in my classes.  They are very helpful.  I taught robotics, math, and project lead the way engineering classes for years here in Alaska.  But the last five years I was at an international school in Shanghai.  I designed and helped the school build a comprehensive maker space--the school has lots of money so we went all out. 3D printers, Laser cutters, CNC router, milling machine, plasma cutter.  We would pass out arduinos like they were pieces of candy.   I would help students with many different projects in the space and was able to get all the electronics parts really cheap on taobao.  I personally have done some pretty cool projects with neopixels--hacking together code that I am sure is not very elegant.  I am not sure if I will be back there because of the Covid; so I am trying to prepare to do simple robotics projects for kids here in Alaska.  I really like doing a simple robot with arduino and TT motors and cheap sensors that kids can all put together on a simple wooden board they design.  PRP=Personal Robotics Project.  It can do 90% of what a $300 Lego system can do but costs 10%.  Here is a quick video of the project.

Does anyone know how Bill creates the animations of the wiring schematics on his projects?  I have searched through the forum but can't find what he uses.  They are really well done and I would like to do the same.

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Welcome aboard, Larry!

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Welcome to the forum Larry!

To answer your question, go to the Dronebot Workshop website and look in the FAQs. Bill explains how things are done in one of those question/answers.

Good luck on your project. It's great you're helping kids become involved in STEM.

Take care.

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