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Hello from Central Florida!  


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2020-03-27 6:08 pm  

Howdy all,

First of all, a big thank you to the man in charge for accepting the invite!

I'm sort of a jack of all trades; master of none.

My Dad was an E Tech years ago; and when I was younger he tried and tried to get me to learn it.. I just couldn't get my head around it then... fast forward; i'm 36 now; and i'm interested and trying to learn it.

Only wish i'd done it sooner!( He passed away last Sept)

I'm trying to learn electronics and arduinos too.

I'm largely interested in troubleshooting circuits even surface mount.(probably mostly what's out there these days?)

If anyone has some insight on the best place to learn the foundation I need to get proficient in trouble shooting things i'd appreciate it!


Again, look forwarding to exchanging posts with y'all!