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Hello Everyone!  

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I guess I was supposed to do this first but of course I do things in the wrong order all the time!

My Name Jim or James if you are the formal type I'm not real formal at all. I go by Jimmy but anyway, I like working with electronics and computers. I found the Dronebot workshop one of the most interesting places I've seen on the web for quite some time. I decided to join after all these years. I am looking to share ideas, inventions and programs with people who are interested in these types of things. I'm kind of a noob at electronics no not really I've been working on and with electronics for 45 years! But don't let that fool you I still blow up stuff from time to time. Never intentionally just oops and BOOM! It happens you know. Some of the things I like to work with are Remote Controlled devices, PC adder boards, Micro robots, lasers, audio circuits and repairing old 80 test equipment and 8 bit computers (Commodore, Atari, Sinclear, Nintendo)

All you gotta do is ask, I might know or I might know someone who knows.

I'm here to help!

Thanks Jimi

James Bearss