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Hello Everybody

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I'm in my late 60's and retired from electronics and communications about 4 years ago.

I've collected too much stuff (computers, magazines, components & stuff to repair)

However, I still like to learn new things and have enrolled in many online courses but struggle to find time to progress them.  I have picaxe, arduinos, Raspberry Pi, Maximite PC, and recently ESP32, Nano IOT 33 for a Blynk course I am doing.  I have a lot of SONOFF IoT devices and am experimenting with Alexa and Google home mini.  Yes, too much.

I'm here because Bill is the absolute winner on youtube, as far as presentation & organisation is concerned.

I haven't seen a bad video yet.  I wish my workshop looked as good as Bill's.  Do you think he might be hiding a second untidy workshop?

Anyhow, cheers to you all and keep up the learning process.

Regards,  JimJtron.

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Hello Jim and Welcome,

We all have too many projects either going on or in progress. Hopefully some of them actually get finished. I think with your background you'll get up to speed much faster than normal. I hear you about Bill's workshop. If my workshop ever looked that clean I think that would mean I moved some where else : ).