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Greetings to all from Finland! I am using the signature infrapale and my real name is Tom.

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I am a 60+ engineer still working with embedded software. I have been working with data analytics most of my professional time.
It is difficult list my topics of interest, the are too many which is slowing down my progress.
I will start bottom up: I am making a lot with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware. Arduino is a wide portfolio and I am using a lot of Mini Pro clones for simple tasks and more advanced Arm M0/M4 boards. I don't intend to advertise but I have a lot of Adafruit Feather boards. I also like to make my own PCB's.

I am a great fan of Python programming which i have used also a lot professionally for data analytics and some AI. For the feather boards I have been using CircuitPython when possible, but still most of the applications in use are in Arduino C++. I faced a need to do something irrational during the Corona isolation so I collected some old PIC MCU's and installed Flash Forth. Great fun and good memories!

Many of my own projects are parts of home automation. I have sensors at the bottom of the sea, outdoors and indoors. The sensors and control functions are connected using RFM69 433MHz modules. Currently I am working on a AI application for my 3D printer. My intention is to detect malfunctioning and stop the printing. This projects involves a Pi recording audio and a Jetson Nano doing the AI stuff.

I have the most recent projects stored in

I am glad to be part of this community and I hope to see and take part in discussions with a positive spirit.

BR Tom,  @infrapale

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Hiya Tom !

Welcome aboard and other happy words 😋 

Nice having sensors at the bottom of the ocean, but, how'd you get the bottom of the ocean inside yer house ?

Octoprint has a nifty ML plug-in for noticing 3D prints that look like spaghetti, but, I'm not familiar with the sound a 3D printer makes when it messes up, unless maybe you have some kind of audible alarm on it, unless it messes up in the middle of the night on a 7 day print, in which case I'd rather not know