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Greetings from NZ

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Hi folks, new member speaking.

Having spent more than a few hours enjoying Bill's presentations, I have now built a bench power supply and an Elegoo Robot car - which is consuming too much of my time, depending on who you ask.

From a background of mechanical engineering, with a splash of power electronics dropped in, I'm looking forward to learning more about programming, just for fun.

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@andrewlaw, Welcome to the forum!  I think you'll find many on here ready , and willing, to help you in any way to learn more about programming, and electronics in general. There seems to be a complete gambit of folks that come from all aspects of life, including laymen, engineers, technicians, programmers, and IT systems people. It's a great community to learn from, and also to use whatever expertise you have to help others. Have fun, and be safe..

kind regards,



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Welcome aboard, you will find lot's of folks to help you here.

It is considered poor judgement to traverse a chasm in 2 leaps.

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Hi Andrew,

This is the place to learn, explore and contribute.

Welcome to the forum.


Ron B

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