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G'day from South Australia  

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G'day. Another grey-haired gentleman joining your forum.

I am an instrument/electrical technician who has had a lifetime passion for electronics both professionally and as a hobby. I'm from Gawler in the outer reaches of the metro area of Adelaide.

My first 'mobile robot' was the Rug Warrior kit developed at MIT by Jones, Flynn et al. based on the Motorola MC68HC11 micro-controller in the 1990's. Programmed with their own version of C - InteractiveC, I struggled to grasp much of the language and it was put aside for many many years. I still have this bot with the original box, manuals,books and software (3.25" floppy). Sadly, the disk is corrupt and I haven't been able to locate a working copy online. Now, after having raised a family, I've a little more time on my hands to try and revive this vintage specimen, or at least some sort of Frankenstein reincarnation.

I've been playing around with all sorts of Arduino IDE compatible micros for a couple of years now. My latest acquisitions are a DFRobot HuskyLens AI Machine Vision Sensor (Kendryte K210, camera, screen etc) and an Adafruit EdgeBadge TensorFlow Lite (SAMD, microphone, TFT display etc.). As you can see, my latest interest is AI/Machine learning/Edge.

Take care,

Paul G.