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Dutchman in Norway  


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2019-12-23 8:49 am  

Hi, my name is Marcel van der Velpen, 61 years old, married to Juliette, Dutch, but living in Norway. Started Makerspace Ringebu two years ago. Had anyone said to me: "You will work with Arduino and 3D printing within a year," I would have declared them insane. I do have a knack for electronics however. Made a lot of weird things, but mostly analogue stuff. So now I am working with Arduino things. Make a 3D printed dragline which I try to control with Arduino, and I am working with combining Arduino with my garden railroad (LGB, anyone?). Bill is the only one who was capable of explaining how things work with Arduino, so I am a follower ever since. Winter has arrived in full strength in Norway now, so I am most of the time at my mancave, working with..well.. things. Making a LUT in scale 1:96 for example (Launch Umbilical Tower, that's somethings Space age kids from my age should recognize) and working  on the dragline, which is pretty much getting out of hand. "Questions I will have, yes" would Yoda say,  so being part of this forum will give answers to those questions, I hope. See you around an have a nice winter holidays!