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2019-06-15 1:43 pm  

Hi my Name is John, I am really interested in your projects particularly the Arduino projects as I am using with Model Railways and a number of other projects, My other passion is Electronics, 3D printing, CNC routing and Cad Cam design work for the 2 latter hobbies... I am of what you would call the older generation i.e of pension age but have lots of things to keep my happy

Regards John

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2019-06-15 3:25 pm  

Hi John

Awesome to have a model railway enthusiast onboard, welcome to the forum!

Back in the '90s, when my son was young, we built an HO-gauge model railway (some old Triang stuff that I had as a kid in the '60s) in the basement on two 4x8 sheets of wood. Modeled a lake and a tunnel and a few streets with crossings, and of course a couple of stations and a bridge. 

Stank the basement up for a week making the lake, I used dozens of layers of that clear coat stuff they use on tables!

Back then there was no Arduino so I built a controller using a 6502, the same chip that the Apple II used. I put magnets at the bottom of the train cars and used hall-effect sensors (salvaged from an old keyboard) to pick up the train position.

I'd love to automate a train set with modern microcontrollers, you could do so much more these days than I did back then. And no programming in machine code also!

I'm just behind you John, turning 60 at the end of the year.  And I hope to be experimenting with this stuff for the next 40 years. Just think what power the Raspberry Pi model 75 will have!

Again, welcome to the forum, hope to see you here often.



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2019-06-15 7:55 pm  

Hi John,

Model Railways have always been a fascination for me but has never turned into a hobby.

I live in Hamburg, and as you may know, we have the biggest model railway in the world.

I have been there a many times during its development and a few times, have taken the backstage tour to see how it all works.

If you have never heard of it, a peek at this website may interest you.




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