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A big hello from tiny Holland!

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Good day to you all, I'm Jan from Holland and I work at school. Due to the virus, I'm not actually working at school, but from my house. Browsing Youtube I came across the DroneBotWorkshop and being a novice at electronics I immediately felt at home. All videos seem to be understandable for me and I kept on viewing more and more.

At school, teaching physics and chemistry, we normally work with (a bit) outdated equipment, mostly over 40 years old. I'd really like to get this more up-to-date and while we can buy everything new, schools in Holland are not very rich so any request to purchase new stuff got rejected so far. 

Viewing the video on making a regulated power supply from an old ATX-power supply got me very interested and I made one just like that for my personal use. I now plan on making something similar based on left over power supplies that came with laptops/Chromebooks (19V/ca. 4A) or monitors (12V/4,5A) as I understood that there might be issues with insurance using the ATX-option. Working with juveniles you don't want to take risks; they usually are using equipment monkey-style!

At school we also use the Texas Instruments Nspire/Innovator/Labcradle/Rover. I don't know if there are more people out here that have any experience with these?

As stated, I'm a novice, so I don't want you to have high hopes of my contributions to this forum. Then again, I hope I won't offend you in any way and that I'll become a active member.

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Welcome aboard!  I know you will enjoy and learn quite a bit from the members of this forum.  As will your students from the very fact that you will be passing on this knowledge.  We have members from all over the globe and from all walks of life with a vast range of experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you with stories of what you and your students are learning.