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[Sticky] Updates and Improvements to the Forum  


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2019-07-08 1:31 pm  

Sorry to have been a stranger last week, was at the Jazz Festival. It's over now and I have returned, and I'm catching up on some of the wonderful posts on the forum.

I have seen a few requests for improving or enhancing the forum, and I'm grateful for the feedback.

In order to implement some of these changes, I have created a "staging site", a clone of the forum that I can modify and experiment with. Once I have changes made on the staging site I can push them back to the "live" forum.

Here are some of the requests I've seen and what I can do (or can't do) about them:

Private Messages

This is a pretty common feature in many forums and I can add it to this one. The forum software is open source but the extensions require paid licenses, so I can purchase a private message function. 

I'm actually waiting to see if the forum stays popular before I invest the money in another extension, I've already purchased the extensions for embedding video and uploading images.

Post Preview

Unfortunately, there is no Post Preview extension available, despite several other forum owners asking the developers to add it. I would like this feature as well.

I do have an idea for creating "sort of" a preview function where you copy your post text into a "viewer" to see what the final published result would look like. I probably have the PHP and JavaScript skills to code it, but I don't really have the time - I have a lot of videos to make and articles to write!

If the forum stays popular the I'll consider hiring a coder to implement something like this.

Code Display

This one is actually a feature I want, as I saw another forum owner implement it. I just want to change the code samples to use a more "vibrant" display, one with alternating background colors. It makes it easier to read, and I expect code samples to be a big part of the forum.

I'm playing with the style sheets on the staging site and when I get it working I'll implement it on the production site.

Other Requests?

I'm sure there are many other features you'd like to see on the forum, and I'd like to hear your ideas. I'm not saying I can implement all of them, but I might be able to. Anything that can make it more useful for everyone is a worthwhile addition.

Please let me know your suggestions.




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