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Model railway - Controlling servo SG90 with ATTiny85?

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Don’t know if it was mentioned already, but there is a nice system available from Holland, for control of point servo switching and signals, and other static devices. It uses an Arduino plus a shield, or a board with ATMEGA328P processor. Arduino sketch for calibrating and controlling written... Developed by Nico Teering

See ArCoMoRa website.


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Posted by: @robo-pi


Just dropped by to say nice job on the model railroad.  Fantastic detail to be sure.  I've always wanted to build one but can never find the time.

Ditto that!  Aside from time being a problem, I have no space for it...  Not so much as the room for a Z-scale oval 🙁

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Posted by: @keknor

Have a look here:

My project

Was this project just for you... or did it go in a museum also?  This is gorgeous!

3 lines of code = InqPortal = Complete IoT, App, Web Server w/ GUI Admin Client, Access Point Manager, Drag & Drop File Manager, OTA, Performance Metrics, Web Socket Comms, Easy App API, All running on ESP8266...
Even usable on ESP-01S - Quickest Start Guide

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