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Infrastructure and software as a hobby

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I've noticed over time, since this / these hobbies overlap with work (I'm an IT Leader), I've been coupling the topics we read about here with related endeavours. Most recently with the TIG stack : Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana to monitor my small home lab starting with 2 RPIs.


Eventually I will add my Windows machines (where the problem I was trying to solve originated, one of my laptops was overheating), and maybe some environment data from my temp/humidity sensors etc. I also will add internet speed data, since I support the online movie streaming landscape here in the house ๐Ÿ™‚

Wanting to build the developer's workstation (or a variation thereof) in the DroneBot Workshop video/article, but not wanting to build from scratch, I built a virtual machine using VMWare Workstation Player.ย 

Time series databases, monitoring and dashboards, virtual servers/desktops.....all technologies my teams support.ย 

My project backlog grows, sometime exponentially it seems. Anybody else see hobby/work overlapping?

Oh, I should project space is visible when I have Teams/Zoom meetings. I get lots of comments on the "home lab", a good ice-breaker!


Enjoy whatever it is you are building today!

"Hardware eventually fails. Software eventually works." - Michael Hartung

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Yes, I too am in IT.ย  Was working for a commercial property developer.ย  I have also been running the "Engineering Station" or "Rocket Range" for the Cub Scouts for several years.ย  And as we build a new rocket launch system, find myself stringing up controllers, networking, programming--just horizontally across a field instead of up an office tower!ย 

To try to keep from coming across as too "aggressive," I try not to have rockets, shooting, or archery stuff in the frame when I video-conference from my home office!ย  But I do look for Scouting or other hobby indicators as ice breakers.

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Was doing lots of financial software. Indeed - databases all over the place. But IoT was the buzzword that connected it with electronics. For me the most interesting part is doing timeseries analysis in AWS. It's easy to collect data and put them here and then feed them here: Fun projects. Another interesting case is OpenMV and putting image streams and doing image recognition, tagging etc in AWS.

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