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Infrastructure and software as a hobby

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I've noticed over time, since this / these hobbies overlap with work (I'm an IT Leader), I've been coupling the topics we read about here with related endeavours. Most recently with the TIG stack : Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana to monitor my small home lab starting with 2 RPIs.


Eventually I will add my Windows machines (where the problem I was trying to solve originated, one of my laptops was overheating), and maybe some environment data from my temp/humidity sensors etc. I also will add internet speed data, since I support the online movie streaming landscape here in the house 🙂

Wanting to build the developer's workstation (or a variation thereof) in the DroneBot Workshop video/article, but not wanting to build from scratch, I built a virtual machine using VMWare Workstation Player

Time series databases, monitoring and dashboards, virtual servers/desktops.....all technologies my teams support. 

My project backlog grows, sometime exponentially it seems. Anybody else see hobby/work overlapping?

Oh, I should project space is visible when I have Teams/Zoom meetings. I get lots of comments on the "home lab", a good ice-breaker!


Enjoy whatever it is you are building today!

"Hardware eventually fails. Software eventually works." - Michael Hartung