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Water level guage for shallow well  


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2020-07-08 1:17 pm  

I have a rental property that has a shallow well, about 35 feet deep.  I have seen projects that use small sensors to rump a pump to fill a container of water using an Uno board.  My question is what is the maximum length of wire conductor can be used with the board?  My idea is for 5 water contacts, with one every 5 feet intervals equaling 25 feet, plus 10 feet from know high level of water to the board, mounted in pvc pipe.  Thanks for help.

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2020-07-10 6:31 am  

Running wire all the way down to the bottom of the well to measure the water level sounds like too much hassle. Provided that you know the max depth of the well, you could use a lidar sensor that has a range of at least 35 feet. Here's a comparison of some sensors with their ranges and resolutions: