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TF Mini Vs Garmin Lidar Lite V4  

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I was experimenting with the TFMini and also a "lidar" from Sharp.  Neither one was satisfactory in terms of detection distance, not even in a darkened room.   I want to use a Lidar for detecting vehicles on the highway (moderate speed limits).  I've tried ultrasonic using a good (not hobby)transducer and visible laser.  The laser worked the best, but I have to reflect and detect, which is difficult, but it was the best for on-off detection.  Ultrasonic wasn't reliable.  (Works in my shop, but gets scatter brained on traffic).  Now Garmin has the Lidar LIte V4 for lots of money that MIGHT work.   Anyone out there with any experience with these?   I need to detect a vehicle up to 10 meters away (far lane of the road).  I don't need ranging, just on-off blockage.