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Telegram help needed.

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I have an existing Telegram account. I have an API key and I think I have one bot set up. The sketch I am trying to execute the following line

if (

but it fails. I don't know what a TELEGRAM_CHAT is. All my searching has resulted in nothing that works, I thinki I tried the following, GROUPS, USERS, CHANNELL, and maybe some other stuff.

What I want, is when a picture is taken, it is sent to telegram.

The first line of code that references the variable TELEGRAM_CHAT is (I have the bot token)

// replace with your bot token and chat id
#define TELEGRAM_CHAT "0123456789"

!@#$ I was just cleaning up what I did assuming it was wrong, and somehow both my bots are now missing on the Chats page.

I am going backwards fast guys, experienced help needed.



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