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Small Display/Screen Updated Remotely  


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2020-08-01 2:57 pm  

I want a small color monitor/screen that's image/text can be changed remotely online. The screen will be 150 miles away from where I'm at and will have access to wifi.


Soo.... any tips on which route to take before I go down multiple YouTube rabbit holes? 



I2C screen preferred for easy wiring, but any screen and controller will do

Would also prefer wifi to be onboard.  

Prefer to stay away from Rasp Pi for this one, but I do have some Pi Zero Ws laying around somewhere if using Python is the easiest option. Just wanted to avoid boot times and stuff if possible. 

Power consumption from the screen isn't a deciding factor. It'll be plugged in, not on batteries.

If there's a way that makes it easy to update, that would be best, but I don't mind editing code to change the display


Coding Help Needed

I need the most help figuring out which direction to go to make it work.

I can use a Particle Photon and upgrade the actual firmware to change the displayed graphic/text. (Not sure how well screens work with these)

Or is there a way to use Arduino/similar boards to check a database and pull/update the code being used for the display?



Any and all help welcomed,