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Simplest way to control multiple battery devices

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Hi, I just watched my first video from dronebot workshop and I was blown away by the quality and simplicity (I feel way more enlighten then during my studies).

The problem:

I have several devices(decorations) laying around the living room (eg. decorative lights with LEDs or other similar things).
Each device has it's own batteries and switch and to turn all of them on or off requires going around the living room.

The idea
This made me thinking that there might be a way how to turn them on/off wirelessly. 


Potential solution

I started to think that there might be a simple solution with a receiver device connected to each decoration.
The receiver would consist of IR sensor, Relay(or anything similar) and battery. And I could build / reuse a IR remote controller to turn the receivers on.

Please let me know what you think and if there is a better solution I can build or buy.

Thank you!

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