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Save Elderly home from Black Mold! Time sensitive.

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Everything I do is for elderly couples / widowed. I need assistance in creating Temp and Humidity sensors (6) and (2) moisture probes for wood construction to monitor hopeful improvements.

ESP32 / DHT22 = Temp and Humidity reporting 5 times a day to raspberry pi each written to file to read/print later as needed. (Lion 18650 battery powered)

Wood moisture probe = ESP32 and “?”. (Lion 18650 battery powered) same type reporting.

Currently black fungus in crawl space and moist floor joist.  In home temp 88 and humidity 80.

Experts making changes but close monitoring is key to save home. Tech can do it!

please respond if you are game to assist me.  I am new to this tech, but aggressive to help those that need it most.

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Dear  altonddavisjr ,

what an interesting project.  Is it not possible to determine just from an initial inspection if the environmental conditions are likely to support "Black Fungus" ?  Is it the fungal spores that present the pathogen? In Australia the hotter and more tropical (humid)  the climate the more at risk were are from such blight. In the tropics if you aren't  vigilant your skin can wind up covered in  partially infected scratches and nicks. If your immune system is compromised you are in big trouble.

That 88 / 80 number you give I would consider is approaching the danger zone.  In Darwin it was a little hotter and more humid and there were monsoonal rains most afternoons. The DHT 22 lasted a few weeks to a month or so before conking out.


Very interesting project .. keep us posted.