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[Solved] Muse laser engraver repair/conversion

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20210129 175347

So i acquired this muse laser engraver and it is missing at least one board.... not really certain though. I just want to convert it to an arduino run via usb. Here is the boardΒ  that i do have...

20210129 175612
20210129 175654
20210129 175550
20210129 175631

I'm kind of a dummy on the electronics/step motor/laser control/arduino front but i got an arduino mega starter kit and im becoming a bit familiar... I need to know if his board is proprietary and it requires missing equipment from the manufacturer or if i can order some things online , get rid of the touchscreen user interface and run it from usb. I bought a brand new 40w bulb. any help is appreciated

and if i cantΒ  use this board i need a list of ALL the parts i need... as i said... im kind of a dummy as of now.... trying to wise up though πŸ™‚



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