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I finally flashed firmware onto my Nanobridge M2...but now what?

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I finally successfully flashed the DD-WRT firmware on my Ubiquiti Nanobridge M2. Yay! Its a router again, instead of a AREDN mesh node. Now I am not sure what to do with it. Its can't play WDS with the WRT54Gs, but it does pass internet from its ethernet port out to a client via the wireless. 

So now, I think the next idea would be to send wireless to a distant WRT54G and let it operate its own little WDS subnet.

I would like to SSH to the distant clients behind the distant WRT54G. I think I have to add port forwarding, but I am not to sure.

I cannot do WDS because the WRT54G has a Broadcom chip and the Ubiquiti is Atheros. They cannot make a WDS together. Also Atheros cannot bridge, like Broadcom either.

Is it port forwarding I want or....? I don't really know.