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Esp 8266 5 volt relay module

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Got the module installed the ch340 usb drivers ok 👍 tried to flash tasmota web installer wont find the device says its ported .says device working properly drivers installed. Wonder what it could be?

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Hi @duce-robot,

  You have almost infinitely more relevant experience than me .. and I have not used tasmota.

  I just wondered if it was convenient to try downloading a trivial program (Blinky or simple Serial.println program) from Arduino IDE to your CH340/Esp8266. Hopefully, It would check out the hardware, etc.

I note the Tasmota website

says (alongside other useful stuff):

Many CH340G devices will not work, the "golden CH340G" has a voltage regulator on it to supply enough power to the ESP device - many do not. The ESP requires at least 150mA, many 3.3V serial programmers do not supply this much current as many serial programming tasks do not require a large amount of power.


But I presume you have been down this path before...

Good luck, Dave

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