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Emergency Assistance Teacher Badge (LoRa?)

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Hey helpful folks. A few months ago I was lucky enough to get lots of help through this forum for a simple project i was attempting, to help me learn more about the world of 21st century electronics, but also to be something useful for my colleagues at school.

The project was a great success and now I have a new idea for something useful for teachers (not me personally, i am lucky i rarely find myself in dangerous situations) and would like to get an understanding if it is something that is possible.

Sometimes, teachers find themselves in dangerous or difficult situations, be it a violent parent or student, or perhaps an emergency medical situation and you can’t leave someone’s side to get help for.

What i was hoping to get some input into is if it is possible to use LoRa to make a name badge(for example), that also has an emergency button that sends a message to someone in admin with GPS details, that way the teacher always has access to the device and immediate help. 

Given most public schools (in Oz) have very strict rules around connecting to their wifi, I was wondering if this is the sort of device that could be made using LoRa. I have no experience with it, but its low power and long range features might make it ideal. Have a gateway in admin, and all the badges can send a signal to that gateway via a button that transmits the location of the badge, the gateway then either forwards that to another device that a deputy has or some other way of getting the message to who needs it.

So yeah, is LoRa something that would work for this project? is it possible to make something small enough?

Any ideas, advice, links etc. would be much appreciated as i start down another rabbit hole. Maybe LoRa isnt needed at all and it can be done simply another way, i am open to any ideas that can help me get started.

I should stress, i know this project won't be of commercial viability and there are projects out there that would be way more reliable, what i want to do is start a conversation and maybe some experimentation that might lead to the education department investing in quality commercial products that do the same thing because that will get the outcome i want, better safety for students and staff. I am not trying to invent something and make money, just start a conversation and hopefully get some quality outcomes for all. So if i can learn a heap and also end up helping my students and colleagues have a safer environment, that would be a massive win in my book.