Double Split Keyboard using I2C  


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2020-02-10 1:58 pm  

Hello, my name is Nick and I'm looking for help with a keyboard project. Currently self-made keyboards use QMK firmware

This also is able to use an I2c driver. However it is rarely used and I thought about how I could use it. Make a double split keyboard. This is a keyboard where the left side, the right side, and the numpad are split. From what the community can devise, this will need i2c no question about it. 

 Looking at this video, most likely the address of a SSD1306 is not able to change. So maybe I can use a multiplexer to make 3 busses. a bus for each pro micro and each OLED. The question remains. can we still use Data to do per key RGB lighting such as wave. So far the answer is no. According to the pro micro, RX1 which is normally used for data is also the SS pin for master/slave selection for the bus. This is according to this It may be possible to use a standard atmega32u4 instead of a pro micro to access for the SS pin (this might just be for serial). Unless you can just address the issue using software?

Other than this, Using the QMK i2c driver is a bit difficult for me. Here is that driver information.

Any help is greatly appreciated not just for me, but for the keyboard community as well. Thank you so much. Happy to use my breadboard, I have pull up resistors ready and pro micros. Let's do this!

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