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Connect a simple button to a DY-SV17F Audio MP3 Module

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I bought a DY-SV17F Audio Module Chip and copied a MP3 sound file onto it, naming it 00001.mp3.


I got power supplied to the right pins and a 5 Ohm speaker connected to it, but don't really understand how to connect a button to make it play the MP3 file?


Tried a bunch of different ways and methods, but to no avail - the only thing I hear is the sound of silence. Not the song. Just silence. 🙂

Its a very simple chip, so what am I doing wrong here? Feels like I'm missing something basic? Yeah, I'm a noob! 😉

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@apeshaft LUV The Sound of Silence by Disturbed, might be my #1.

Back to business. 

The quickest solution may be to show us the code, it will tell us what pin the button goes on. Look at the HELP on the right near the top for 'How to Add Code' The code will also tell us if it's a PULLUP or PULLDOWN situation which tells us how to wire the switch.

Also, if you could supply a link to the board as well that would help.

I just had a look at the datasheet. This is something I have not seen before but it looks a bit complex. Perhaps it will make sense to you. Here is the pdf.

I see a UART control mechanism, it looks like you could connect your PC via a standard FTDI board then using the above doc'n and the serial input box on the swerial monitor on your PC send the Audio board the commands it uses for play, vol, EQ etc.

Interesting device.

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Hi @apeshaft,

I haven't tried one of these cards, but a quick glance at the data sheet, for which Ron (@zander) has kindly referenced, it looks like you will need to be able to set/control the inputs I/0 0-7 and CON 1-3, i.e. 11 signals. At least most of these levels could be manually set, by wiring the input to 3.3V or 0V as required, though you might want at least one to be a push button or similar. Sorry, I am not entirely sure.

Alternately, connect each one (or perhaps just some) to a microcontroller GPIO, and control them in software.


CON 3 is only an input for 30 milliseconds during power on, after that is an output showing whether music is playing. so don't connect it directly to a power line or ground. I haven't checked, but it is common practice with other chips to connect via a resistor, maybe 10k, to ground or 3.3V as required, so the resistor sets the level at power up, but the chip output is strong enough to pull it low or high, after the first 30 ms. If connecting to a microcontroller, use resistor as described, and make GPIO pin an input, without pull up or pull down.

All I/O pins are 3.3V max only .... don't connect to a 5V logic board, such as the "original" Arduinos, like UNO.

If controlling via a microcontroller, it may only be necessary to connect a few pins, if you control via the UART pins. However, this may be harder to code, and then debug, especially without an oscilloscope, if it doesn't play nicely.


Just a few initial thoughts ... which may or may not be true, as I haven't checked them.


As for tracks to play, Ron (@zander) already published my first thought, so how about Silence is Golden, by The Tremoloes?

Best wishes and good luck, Dave

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Posted by: @davee

As for tracks to play, Ron (@zander) already published my first thought, so how about Silence is Golden, by The Tremoloes?

Perhaps (I can't get no) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones would be more appropriate 🙂


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