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Comparison of all wireless communication methods with Arduino

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I've tried them all: NRF24L01, 315MHz/433MHz modules, HC05 Bluetooth, PS2, HC12, all with varying success. I liked HC12 because it was only 2 wires, vs NRF24L01 with 8 (if you use the interrupt), but had LOTS of problems with continuity and I'm only transmitting across my desk.  (I tried bigger separation, 10 feet, no difference except I walked more).   So which one is best for wireless, say between a joystick and a robot?  

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I am working with Arduino on a ESP32 TTGO mini board and I would like to broadcast, via WiFi, GPS coordinates to a simple iPAD (in situations where Cellular connectivity is non existent) to display those live coordinate positions on an Map APP, ie. US Forest Trails Map, etc.  I have followed the Getting Started with WiFi video and have successfully connected via WiFi from the ESP32 board (as an Access Point and my iPAD as a Station); now I need help actually broadcasting realtime GPS coordinates to my iPAD MAP to display my actual position.   

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@do_not_give_up Have ypu tested the range of the esp32 wifi? Without an external antenna it might be 20 ft, with an antenna maybe a few dozen feet.

As far as your next step, just get Bill's (DroneBotWorkshop) GPS video/blog and that will show you how to display your position in Google Map. 



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