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arduino ACKERMANN STEERING Help/example  

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Quite some time ago I built a rough replica of the Mars Rover with a few mods. It is six wheel drive with six wheel steering. I used one arduino uno as a controller to coordinate all six steering servos, and a Pixhawk Auto pilot for the main nav controller. 

I ran into the problem of the front and rear wheels binding in turns due to not accounting for the difference in turning radius between the right and left sides. (wheel base is 12 in wide )

I think that I need to apply Ackermann Steering to relieve the binding, But I can't seen to figure out how to apply it in Arduino code.  (my poor math skills! )  

I found lots of explanations about how it works and Wiki has the formula, but again my pee brain can't seem to figure out how to make it work in code. 

Has anyone figured out how to apply the Ackermann Steering formula in arduino code ?

 Thanks for any and all help.

  Mike Monti