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Farah Haddad
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2020-03-25 9:56 pm  

HI All, I am trying to do another project and I am not able to order the right cable. I can't understand the connections so I am going to post the photos for them because I am confused. I hope someone can tell me which cable to order based on the photos below. The antenna I have has a threaded female connection body and female inner pin connection, the connector on the PCB has a male inner pin and a male connection body but not threaded. Please see photos below. I can't get my head around ordering the right cable connection between them!



Farah Haddad
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2020-03-27 6:47 am  

No one knows ?

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2020-03-27 7:16 am  

These are commonly referred to as "RP-SMA" RF connections. 

You might have to make your own cable, if so, try searching for:

Female RP-SMA.

Male RP-SMA Threaded


Something like this:


Having said that, I have bought small RF adaptor cables with SMA/RP-SMA connections in the past, if I remember where I got them, I will post again.

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2020-03-27 7:26 pm  


A closer look at the picture of the male connector, makes this a little more difficult. you'll see in the image below that the similar connector (Female RP-SMA) has threads on the outside of the connector. yours does not seem to have any threads. Inside or out. Could you send another picture, showing the side view of the connector? I've not seen this type of connector (thread-less) before. Speculation would have it that your connector is incomplete or mal-formed.





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