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Am I overstressing my Arduino with 6 5050 RGB Leds and a length of EL wire?  

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I've set up a circuit using an Arduino Nano that has a string of 6 RGB pixels attached to pin 3 of my Arduino (after a 470 Ohm resistor). Running off of the 5V pin on my Arduino. Additional to that I have a length of EL wire (~500mm), whose inverter circuit I've just connected directly to the 3.3v line and ground of my Arduino. The inverter box that came with the EL wire has its own push button to control activation/mode.

Also included on this circuit are 3 10k pots, each controls the R, G & B values for the LEDs.

The whole circuit is then powered by a 9v cell connected to Vin and Ground on the Arduino.

My question is: Is this too much to power off the Arduino? Do I need to consider a separate power source or additional components to safeguard the arduino? Should I also consider putting a cap over the Vin/GND line from the battery?

I'm extremely new to building circuits, so any advice would be greatly appreciated 😀


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I would go for an external power supply, 6@50/50 is pressing the current a tad.