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Happy New 2021  

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Hi gang, wishing you all a Happy New Year!
Best of health, and may your future microchip dreams all come true 😀


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Nice post!!

I am happy to say that Bill's forum is one of the best things in my life right now!  I don't know of any forum that so well hosted, supports anything as good as the DroneBotWorkshop, and has such a good community.

Happy new year, everybody.



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I like many others had grown sick of staying at home and moving out only to buy "stuff"! So today, I changed the rules for a few hours. Took my darling daughter and wife to the beach (about 75 kilometers away, near a Historical Place called Konark - which is the Temple of the Lord Sun - sadly we werent allowed anywhere near the Temple - again owing to the curfew imposed there for today and tomorrow. Normally this place is always flooded with tourists coming in not only from different parts of India, but also a lot of foreigners. At the beach as well, it was less crowded going by the fact that today is the year end). A pic of them at the beach (I clicked the shot).

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My daughter was more than happy - just because she was not allowed to move out anywhere ever since the first lockdown in March. Probably this is the best day I had in 2020.

Looking ahead to 2021. I do pray for the wellness of all.

HAPPY 2021 everyone. Let us move on staying safe. 🙂

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Happy New year from me and my family and Roman the robot