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Forum SPAM - Some changes for new users

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Hi everyone

We have had several instances of spam messages being posted to the forum, the most recent one just a few hours ago. All of these postings follow the same pattern.

  • They use an old forum account that has not been used for several years and that has never posted.
  • They change the username on the account to a bunch of jibberish.
  • They post inappropriate messages.


In order to try and combat this I have changed the forum policies for new posts. Unfortunately, this will affect all of our legitimate new users, and I apologize for that. Going forward, ALL new user postings will be held for moderation. This will affect all new users and posts.  After three posts, the moderation will be lifted.

I am looking to implement a better solution, such as freezing all accounts that have not been used for over a year.   The above change was just the quickest method to implement, not necessarily the best, and if I come up with something more effective, I will let you know.

If you see any inappropriate messages posted to the forum, please alert me, either by PM or email (forum [at}




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