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[Sticky] Before posting here please read - thank you!

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Hi everyone

Hope all of you are doing well and are managing through this strange period of history.

I've added this new section to the forum to hold conversations that are not really related to anything technical.  It was my feeling that during these days in which our lives have been uprooted and most of us (myself included) are facing the prospect of being locked down for many months that it would be nice to have an area to just engage in friendly conversations.

Please feel free to post in this section as often as you wish, but please keep the following in mind:

  • The Forum Rules all apply here. Please familiarize yourself with these rules before posting here, or anywhere else on the forum.
  • Let's keep politics and religion out of here, please!  We all have our individual beliefs and political leanings, but this forum is NOT the place to debate them.  There are several other forums and subreddits where you can discuss and debate these subjects.
  • Let's try and avoid promoting conspiracy theories, unscientific cures, and other nonsense, please. There is enough fake news on the internet and I don't want this forum to become another source of that.
  • Please be kind, polite and considerate of one another.  I want everyone to feel welcome and safe in this forum.  You can, of course, disagree with another member's opinion, but please do it in a respectful manner.


Otherwise, you can discuss virtually any topic here, providing it doesn't conflict with the forum rules and the above bullet points.  It is certainly not my intention to censor or police the topics in this section. If you want to give us the recipe for your grandmother's famous beef stew or discuss the new supernova they just saw in a far-off galaxy you are welcome to do that here.  

As long as you don't claim that grandma's stew cures COVID-19, or that it was caused by aliens!


Enjoy the new section and please, stay safe.


"Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window." — Steve Wozniak

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I like it

Of course I'll have to try annoying some people by playing with the buttons on the sidebar...

Just as a test you understand

Oh, and where did you say you put the "Aliens" thread ? I can't seem to find it

Is there a button to play a funny sound ? Hmm, no, I don't see one

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Hello Bill and all forum members.


Congratulations Bill on being Paul McWhorter's number 1 technology channel!  Paul introduced me to Arduinos and built up my confidence and capabilities.  See you both on Saturday!




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Hi Bill 5 Pt stars to your stirling work on Arduino kit (in itself an inspired initiative by those Italians who made an MPU more specifically targeted towards peripheral hardware than the Pi)

Who are the contributors here?

 Are they >70?  If POTUS is 78 and the orange loser 75 then clearly DBW members here are top of that class

I have trouble with short term memory these days and have to jot down why I am going around to the kitchen or I'll forget by the time I get there and come away without switching the kettle on 😉 😉 

But I solder on not having forgotten too much of my earlier life long technical training.

All power to the member? who said he was a retired truck driver and wanted keep alive and have an excuse to get out of the house and go down to his shed away from his OH 😝 

I guess in the new world order people have to work until 70 before getting a pension or otherwise being able to afford to retire. Spare time to dabble with Arduino is luxury beyond dreams


Where are they from

Not obvious from Profiles, but I guess most are across the pond (not a few CANADIANS 😫) some Europeeans, East euros, Kiwis, Ozzies, Indians.  Many different cultures.

I spent half my working life working overseas - even USA , till they tried to force a Green Card on me!

I spent over 10 years in the far East and have a crude insight into the mindset there and why it gives us such problems in the West.

For anyone interested in understanding real China start with the earliest vids here

sort by oldest first and work forward

BTW THIS IS NOT A PLUG - its a genuine vlog of a young guys living and working experience 11 years first hand deep immersion fluent speaker etc

He also has a sidekick ADV , they team up - gripping stuff and very relevant to buying PRC goods


Too much rabbiting here - did I switch the kettle on?


Feel free to shit on me from a dizzy height

Robin (from desk in Anderson shelter,

Winston Churchill Depression

bottom of garden, London)







Always look on the bright side of life

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I like this form section . looking at the dates on some of the posts, the forum is alive -that's great. Question Is DB1 Robot Project thru the workshop after Episode 16 still alive ? Being fall and now lockdown again I have time to devote to the project but need direction and support  If not alive I'll try working thru the form to develop a rudimentary unit

Info not in my profile - US  Traverse City Mi , Retired Engineer , mentor students at a tech ( STEM ) academy 

This was/is a great project  Great teaching aid first for me  and then to the students 

Bill, if you are still connected , Thank you for all the hard work that makes the workshop a great learning tool.

Have completed  a number of your projects  



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Hi Bill -- Firstly I'd like to say -- Thanks for all the videos and articles over the years.  Much appreciated.

I have a favour to ask.  My son is preparing a presentation for his college course and would like to know the name of the software package you use for your circuit animations that you use to great effect in your videos.  

Thanks in advance 

Do take care