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WiFi/Bluetooth iPhone Controlled Servo Motor Project  


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2020-09-11 8:41 pm  


I have a pretty cool little project that I am doing to help the day-to-day for my mother-in-law.

Quick little background... she is on an oxygen machine full time and she needs to adjust the oxygen on her machine a dozen or so times per day. Her machine is located in a different room than she is in for most of the day because it is quite noisy. The machine has a manual adjustment knob on it that allows the user to control the amount of oxygen it produces. Mom has a hard time getting around (walker or wheelchair) and I thought it would be great to make her a remote control adjustment for this that she can use via a mobile app.

I am pretty new to this kind of stuff. I do have a 3D printer that has open source software and I have used Arduino software to write/modify code for that. Very little experience with it though. I have watched a handful of videos and read a few articles over the past couple days (which has brought me here) and I would like to share with you what I am thinking could work for this. By all means, I am also here for help if you feel something else would be better suited for my project. So here it goes... please let me know what I may be missing.

Mobile App: Blynk for IOS devices

Board: ESP8266 (need help deciding which one or if there is a different, better WiFi or Bluetooth board). The ESP32 seems overkill for what I am trying to do, no? Also, soldering is not a problem for me as long as it doesn’t require a hot air gun... I only have a traditional variable  temp soldering station.

Servo: Micro radio control 180 degree 3-wire servo

5-6V power supplier for the servo (if the board is not capable of suppling power: Would like one that is AC powered so I can just plug it into the wall

Camera: Not a must have but would be nice to have. Doesn’t need to be color or HD, just something that I can aim at the oxygen output gage for reassurance that the oxygen level is int he desired location.

Design Objective -

I would like everything to fit in a small box that I will design, 3D print and attach to the oxygen machine. I will also be replacing the knob on the oxygen machine with a 3D printed knob that will allow for a linkage to be attached to the servo arm. I do not want to use batteries for this project. I want to just plug it in the wall and not have to worry about changing out or charging batteries.

Thank you for taking a look at my project. I am very much looking forward to your help/guidance in bringing this to life to help my mother-in-law out.

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