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using nodeemcuv2 board in PlatformIO, problem with monitoring speed

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I tried to follow the PlatformIO tutorial that was published a several weeks ago.  I had no problem porting my Arduino Uno sketch to PlatformIO but I'm having a little trouble with my Nodemcuv2 board sketch.  It's a very simple sketch and the problem I'm having is with getting my print statemenst to display properly in the terminal. I'm getting unreadable characters.  I have had problems with my board on in the Arduino software before, for example I never use 115200;  I use 744880 as the speed in the setting and on the terminal monitor and everything works great. 

I have tried everything I can think of in Visual Studio Code and PlatformIO and nothing works. 

my platformio.ini currently looks like this.

platform = espressif8266
board = nodemcuv2
framework = arduino
monitor_speed =  115200
Thanks for any help that can be offered