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NEW ESP32 library changes official documentation

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Here is the link to the official documentation regarding many ESP32 API changes.

and this is the link to our friends over at the random nerds

Your choices for dealing with this are as follows (in no particular order)

1. Switch to VScode and PlatformIO where you can have multiple versions of a library. The cost is some disk space.

2. Constantly install and remove library versions depending on what the source code requires. The cost is the occasional re-compile when you forget to switch first.

3. Make changes to the code that is not working to adhere to the new API. The cost is time to make the changes.

I really hate #2, so I think I will use #1 to start while working towards #3. YES Bill has a tutorial on VSCode and PlatformIO. The video is at

and the article is at

Business as usual for those of us who were programmers, but might be intimidating for newer folks. Go slow and don't make things worse.

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