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HELP! PWM Control of LED Driver

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I've been slowly collecting parts to build an automated grow light using an ESP32 (Heltec WiFi Kit32) . Future plans include adding a handful of environmental sensors such as PH, EC, and Temperature of both Air and Nutrient Solution, but for now, a working dimming light fixture would be great.

The driver I am using is a programmable Inventronics EUD Series 600w,  and it supports three modes of control; A basic 50k Rheostat, 0-10v dimming, and PWM. (Selected via usb with their progammer) It also has a 12VDC 200mah constant power line out that I'd like to use for the ESP32 if it will support the ESP32 once I've converted to 3.3v.

Here's where I'm getting stuck: sending PWM output signal to the Driver. Both the programming side, and the connections. I am familiar with Arduino IDE , but not well versed. What would be the proper code to start with for PWM output on the ESP32?

If anyone can help me push my project further I'd really appreciate the hand.