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ESP32-Cam not responding after successful compiling and download

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Thanks , let me work on this for a while -walk thru some of your suggestions I will let you know what I achieve 

PS  Live in USA  , Traverse City  Mi   Retired engr  but work with K12 students  on robotics  and just trying to keep one step ahead of them 

It's summer and I do manage a vineyard so this project is worked on when I get time


Thru our PBS network  we watch  " Unforgotten "  We think it is a series 

Also watch thru Acorn,Bitbox  other great series from the UK 

Take Care 


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Hi Al,

Thanks for the informative & interesting reply. I hope there is something helpful for you. Obviously, if you have any queries, I'll do my best to answer.

Perhaps the first bit to look at is from "I didn't know what esptool. meant ..." onwards. You might only have some configuration problem that can be 'easily fixed' ... once you know what the fix is... 🙄 🙄   Certainly it is not going to work with only 1MB of memory being made available for a 2+MB program.. you should get 3MB.


I too am a retired engineer. A couple of decades ago I made a quick business meeting trip to Grand Rapids, which according to Google appears to be directly south of you. Apparently we picked a good time, as it had just become 'Spring', following a long period of snow and freezing temperatures. The meeting was fairly uneventful, but I was with my then boss who came with me, who decided to drive from Grand Rapids back to Chicago Airport, as a change from flying as originally planned. He then found he had left his driving licence at home .. so guess who was persuaded to do the drive.. It was the first time I had driven a left-hand drive car, it was automatic gearbox which was also new to me, and it was my first trip to the US. As it happened, whilst a few bits of Chicago were a bit scary, it was actually a great experience as we stopped of a couple of times to to look at the very impressive Lake on the drive south, and also had an hour or so wandering along the shoreline in Chicago before heading for the airport.

And well done for encouraging the scientists and engineers of tomorrow!

Take care and best wishes, Dave

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