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ESP32 Bluetooth Classic example in Arduino IDE

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I've been trying to run the Bluetooth Classic example for the ESP32 in the Arduino IDE.

I've tried using the "BluTerm" & "nRF Connect" apps on my iPhone but nether can recognise the ESP32 .


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Hi Doug

A couple of questions to try and narrow down the problem:

  1. Do you see the ESP32 in the Bluetooth devices that your phone sees to connect with?
  2. Do you have another device (ie. tablet, computer) that also has Bluetooth, and if so, do you see the ESP32 from any one of those?
  3. On the serial monitor in your IDE are you getting a "Brownout Detected" message when you reset the ESP32?





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Hi Bill

1. I can't see the esp32 on my iPhone but I can see it on my mac laptop & desktop computer.

2. If I try and connect to the laptop or desktop it connects for a few seconds & then disconnects.

3. The serial monitor does not display any "Brown Out Detected warnings.

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