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DOIT ESP32 DevKit V1 - EN Capacitor

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I have bought a number of ESP32 boards from Ali Express and Banggood and all of them suffer from the issue of the program not uploading properly as explained by Bill at the start of his video "Introduction to ESP32 - Getting Started".
Having got a permanent indentation in my finger from pressing the BOOT button so many times I came across a number of videos talking about how to add a 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor from the EN pin to GND.
This does indeed negate the need to keep pressing the BOOT button.

One of the best web pages discussing this issue is from Random Nerd Tutorials:

However, my question is:

Are there any suppliers out there that sell the DOIT ESP32 DevKit board where the additional capacitor has already been added?

There are a number of comments on webpages where it is discussed that such suppliers exist, but it would appear that no-one can actually name one.

Do any of you have a reliable supplier of these boards where you do not need to press buttons or solder bits on to make it work properly?

This issue does not appear with more expensive boards from people like Sparkfun or Adafruit, but you pay a lot more for their boards.


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I came across a number of videos talking about how to add a 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor from the EN pin to GND.

Thank you for sharing this.  I have used the ESP8266 WeMos and NodeMCU's for years.  And I have two "programmers" for ESP-01 and bare ESP-07 through ESP-12.  And none of them require pressing the buttons.  I've finally started playing with ESP32's and ran into this issue. 



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Great tip, thanks for sharing.

Yes, my finger is similarly indented!

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