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Peltier Effect - Unwanted Ice Cubes  


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2019-10-31 8:31 pm  

About 20 years ago I had a cool box on my boat that worked with a Peltier Module. One summer I decided I wanted some nice cool beer for the following weekend. So on Sunday evening, I packed it full of cans and plugged it into the boat's battery system and went home. On the following Friday, I arrived at the marina expecting to have a cool beer or two before hitting the bunk!

All I had was an ice cube and a broken cool box. The vent above the small fan had frozen up completely, freezing the fan and the electric motor in a block of ice. Even after de-icing, the motor no longer functioned.

I ended up buying a Waeco cool box with a compressor.

But I have still got the original box somewhere, and I might just try and get that Peltier module out of the lid if I don't have to operate on it extensively with a Dremel.

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2019-10-31 9:27 pm  

About 20 years ago I used to sail the Channel and around Ireland...What I needed then was not a Peltier thingy, but a good stove ! Thankfully there were pubs...



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2019-11-17 9:58 am  

Finally extracted the Peltier unit from the lid of the cool box. but unfortunately, there are no markings stencilled on the surface. I measured the resistance of the unit and my multimeter shows between 6 & 7Ω.

So I assume a current draw of 2A @ 12V.

@dronebot-workshop Let me know if I am wrong.

Stuffed a few old socks in the space where these heat sinks resided, so the better half can still use it when de-frosting the deep freeze, but I shall replace the socks with building foam sometime.

IMG 4239

If it works then it will become part of my Arduino controlled, Vodka & Tonic cooler.

The next great Pugwash invention, bound for the Instructables website. ? ? ?