DB-1 Ep. 14 Aviation Connector Soldering  


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2019-10-01 7:02 pm  

Bill mentioned in Ep. 14 difficulty in soldering six conductor cable to the aviation connectors.  I came up with a reasonably easy way to make neat solder connections.  I used clear butt connectors and a hot air gun with a 5mm diameter nozzle.  For those who don't know what a butt connector is just search the name.  It is a shrink tube with a solder ring installed inside.

METHOD - Remove 1/2" of insulation from 24 AWG, 6 conductor cable. Bend all but one wire out of the way. Strip 1/8" off the end of the remaining wire, the one intended for the center pin (#6), color is your choice.  Just remember the color sequence when you finish your first connector so you can duplicate the pattern on subsequent assemblies.  Trim a butt connector so that the solder ring is centered with about 3.5mm of tubing on either end.    Slip the butt connector over the wire, position the wire on the pin and slide the butt connector over the wire and pin.  This captures the wire and aligns the solder ring on the joint.  Using the heat gun, apply heat until the tubing shrinks and the solder flows creating a insulated, neat solder joint.  Repeat the process for each wire, one at a time.  Finish by sliding a length of shrink tubing over the cable and connector pins.  Run a couple of tests on plain wire to set the heat gun to the correct temperature before attempting to solder the cable to a connector.


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2019-10-13 10:09 pm  

Could you post a photo? This sounds interesting.


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