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The Mysterious MPU 6050 Breakout Board ???

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PRC software  *^*&%&%^$%$£!!!!!!!!!!!!!


full of eastern promise

I came across these on youtube


quite a few attempts


one thing I noticed, which would screw the system was if the wheels lost, even momentary traction on the surface - which i thought i saw

A user would need a basic understand of PID loops and the relevance of kp ki and kd  as loops have to be tuned and the constants are interactive.  Its a well known problem for industrial control systems.

We used the Zielger Nichols method to get the tuning parameters in the right ball park (dont get bogged down in the maths, no for amateurs, just use the Classic method

you could spend all day or more fiddling with three constants


OBTW here is an Excel simulator to get a feel for PID (dont get bogged down - its 2nd year uni stuff)





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