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Adding??? Resistor to LED Switch

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I have a bunch of these type toggle switches.  They say they're for 12VDC.  I'm guessing they have a current limiting resistor in them that keeps 12V from frying them.  The LED won't light up with a 1.5V AA, but will light up with a single LiIon 3.7V.  I'll be switching either 4S = 16.8V or 6S = 25.2V.  Do I need to add another resistor say in-line with the ground wire going to the switch?  And what resistance should I use?  And if it makes a difference I have different color LED's... red, blue, yellow, green.




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@Inq I am sure you will get lots of answers, but I did some googling and found online calculators that are different. I don't know why people recommend what they do and don't know why the on-line calculations are different. Maybe you can figure out a straight answer.

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