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goBILDA 5201 Series Spur Gearmotor discontinued  


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2020-03-14 4:33 pm  

Hi M. Bill,

I have started purchasing the DB1 robot parts and the chassis is complete. However, it seems the goBILDA motor that you use in this project is no longer availabe. Could you or anyone else suggest me another model that would fit  ?

Great projetc by the way. Thanks !

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2020-03-21 7:05 pm  

You just need gearmotors that have similar specs such as no load rpm, stall torque, stall current, 12V and has encoders.  Then there is the shaft size to consider. And the threaded mounting pattern to attach the motor to frame. The numbers do not need to be exactly the same as the 5201 but reasonably close if you're trying to stay close to the DB1 design.

If you go to your link above search for "FTC Competition Kit". You will see by their kit description that the 5201 series has been replaced by 5202.  And they have a 5202 gearmotor that is 117 rpm which is close enough to 105 rpm.  Looking at the specs, it probably has the exact same motor but a different style gearbox (planetary). Also look to get the correct mounting adapter for it you are using the "Actobotics" style frame.  This isn't the only gearmotor that would do the job there are many others with similar specs available elsewhere.

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2020-03-22 12:05 pm  


But it provides way less torque!

I take that back!!!  I just found the model you were referring to, the model 5202-0002-0051.

I was looking at the Actobotic's standard duty model 638298, not the correct model! 😨 

But is a good bit more expensive the 5201 motors were.

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