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DB1 System Wiring Diagram  

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I started building a system wiring diagram to make connecting the PCBs easier.  I went through the documents/schematics for each board and captured all the connectors and signal names.  First thing I notices is there are a few connectors in the schematics that are not listed in the PCB document.  There are other connectors where it isn’t clear what they connect too.  The specific issues I have are below.  I am also including a PDF version of the wiring diagram.  The issues are in blue text in the PDF document.  Also, I would appreciate a second set of eyes looking over the connections – I am sure there are a few mistakes.


IO Distribution Board Rev 2.0 02/20/2020

  • Document does not address the connection for I2C-CH7 (J8) and EXT I2C (J9)

MEGA Shield

  • In the MEGA Shield documentation (pg4) is states that J6 (SPI Bus) connects to the Pi 4B
    • Does J6 connect to the individual GPIO pins on the Pi?
    • I looked at the Pi 4 datasheet and I can find multiple MISO and MOSI signals, but I cannot find a pin labeled SCK or SS.  There are several clock signals just not sure which is the right one.     
  • Document does not identify the connection for the J1 I2C_Dupont, nor does it say the connector is unused like J3.  

DB1 Motor Controller Board – REV 2.1.1 05/05/2020

  • COM-L (J3) and COM-R (J6): The document states that this connector is “for the ATMega328 microcontroller that controls the left/right motor”, but there is no information on what the connector actually connects too.

DB1 IO Distribution J7 and Motor Controller J7

  • These two are connected, but the signal names between these two connectors is different. Just want to verify the pin-to-pin connections are correct.  Signal names should be consistent – should we be using one over the other?

IO Distribution J7                                             Motor Controller J7

Pin 1 – GND                                                        Pin 1 – GND

Pin 2 – Emergency Stop CH0                        Pin 2 – Emergency Stop Line 4

Pin 3 – Emergency Stop CH1                        Pin 2 – Emergency Stop Line 3

Pin 4 – Emergency Stop CH2                        Pin 2 – Emergency Stop Line 2

Pin 1 – Emergency Stop CH3                        Pin 2 – Emergency Stop Line 1


DB1 IO Distribution

  • J8 and J9 are not covered in the documentation. What do they connect too?