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M. J.
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2019-07-01 2:56 pm  

Can we use (Ardupilot, Steppr Motors, Arduino) to control the robot

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2019-07-01 4:17 pm  

If you are going to build a bot for outdoor use, then it would be fine I would think. Indoors, GPS and sometimes compass readings are problematic. One could try if one was still so inclined though 🙂

I have gotten GPS to work some indoors, but starting up the bot right beside a window. The GPS found @8 satellites each startup. The startup took a few minutes getting the 8 sats.  I moved the bot one room over and lost connection. This is something I tried this past winter with the leaves off the trees. I'm sure this summer it would probably not even work. 

There are indoor GPS systems but are quite pricey. I know that phones use wifi to increase GPS accuracy when satellites are scarce. 

I will stop babbling now.