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General hardware!

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Ic none in particular transistors irf transistors resistors box capacitors any cap is fine every cap is great transformers do a little run through. Lol .hooking up stuff with and without micro controller's. 😁👍


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One article/video idea could be to explain how to use INA169/INA138 for current sensing capability. Especially related to:

- choosing/sizing the shunt resistor (max continuous current expected, heat, accuracy, etc)
- sizing the Vout resistor (or divider); especially if the ADC accepts 3.3V only
- possibly sizing the PCB routing (width and copper weight, vias? multi-layers?)
- validate the design, including at max intended current (does the PCB heats up, or melt, etc)
- some talk about ADC resolution/accuracy
- perhaps another sensor is worth mentioning. (INA169 goes to 800kHz sampling, so this is appropriate for RC drones)