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Electronic Components focused on robotics that were organized by Robo-Pi

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Posted by: @spyder

Don't forget Bill, James was doing live testing for Alysha on both the Jetsons and the Pis, meaning that the actual code would indeed reside on those disks, and that was the work that seemed most important to him

I certainly haven't forgotten Spyder, however, I am also sensitive to the enormous task that Marilyn has on her plate right now, especially as I am going through a similar situation at the moment myself.

James has documented a lot of his work here on the forum and on the videos he made on his YouTube channel, so those who were following his progress could pick up where he left off and carry on with his excellent work.  I have no intention of removing his account, so the 1909 posts he graced us with will remain here as long as the forum exists.  Even those posts where he and I were arguing LOL.

But consider for a moment what someone, especially someone who is unfamiliar with the highly technical work James was performing, would have to do to retrieve that data. Remember that a Raspberry Pi and Jetson board are not designed to be particularly user-friendly to those who have never worked with them, even powering it up and connecting a mouse, keyboard, and monitor would be a challenge (there are two ways of powering up a Jetson, depending upon how you have it strapped). Then once it has booted up to the desktop they would have to find the actual files in question, which are likely Python files. Not to mention that if James had set up his own user accounts (which he likely did on the Jetson's, maybe not on the Pi's) you would have to know his passwords to even begin the search.

I do agree that retrieving the MicroSD cards would be a good thing, and perhaps someone here on the forum who followed the work that our favorite poet was performing could retrieve the data. If anyone is interested in doing that they could speak up here and arrange to receive the cards.

But again, with the mountain of legal and emotional challenges Marilyn has ahead of her I think this one sadly isn't a priority. 

Just my opinion of course, and you are definitely right to point this out.  I'm sure you miss him as much as I do.


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Although I was following his adventures, I confess to being baffled by most of it, however, if I had the disks, I would happily volunteer to try to hunt down any code I could find, and send it to some kind of repository so that his work wouldn't be lost

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@dronebot-workshop & @spyder

A lot of his stuff is already here on the forum.  I was following along with a good bit of it, and even branched off my own with some of it, but didn't get as far into as he did.


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