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Need help with Arduino IDE on the Jetson Nano  


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2020-02-13 8:58 pm  

I just downloaded and installed the Arduino Nano on the Jetson Nano.  So far so good.

However, when it came time to install an STM32F103 board in the boards manager I came across a problem.  I could only find two sources for the Boards manager for the STM32 core boards:

But when I try to install either one of these I get the error message:

Not available for your Operating System.

So I'm guessing this is because the Jetson Nano is running an ARM processor itself.

I wonder if there is a way to get around this?

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2020-02-14 12:34 am  

Yes I think this is going to be an issue simply because the nano can pretty much cover this whole project by itself  I don't even think ros is needed so the problems all lie with trying to tie everything together getting the sensor data back to the nano and from there out so arduino slaves RPI masters fed back into the nano and out to effect change? That's just my guess I'm baggie eyed overgrown face and gaunt from watching the nano tutorials I'm on twelve plus the updated version ends up working out to 4.1.1 which works with open CV also forget rp lidar this is going to take months months there are so many electronics on duce you can't poke a pin through even the Styrofoam theres a board behind it anywhere.